Professional Development

The success of Tier 2 interventions is dependent on the fidelity of implementation. A student with a behavior deficit will need support throughout the school day and various settings.  Therefore, the number of adults who will need appropriate training in Tier 2 behavior interventions is much larger than the number of adults who need training in Tier II academic interventions. School-wide professional development can assist in building capacity and understanding among all adults—educators, administrators, and support staff—so that they are prepared when a student is identified as requiring additional behavior support and intervention.  At Tier 2, the intervention is typically identified for a small group of students. When all the adults in the building are trained, each student will be supported throughout the entire school day in all environments.

Professional development opportunities for Tier 2 should focus on the following topics: 

  • identifying students for Tier 2 supports

  • monitoring progress

  • matching interventions to student needs

  • providing intervention-specific training

  • implementing fidelity measures

The Tennessee Behavior Supports Project begins training with the development of strong, evidence-based Tier I procedures.  Once schools that receive professional development and technical assistance from TBSP have developed a strong Tier I plan and are implementing it with fidelity, they will receive training and support in developing systematic Tier 2 structure, identifying students who need Tier 2 behavioral intervention, and training on evidence-based Tier II interventions for behavior.