Other Data Considerations for District and School Teams

District and School teams develop effective and efficient systems to collect, monitor, and analyze implementation and outcome data. Teams share data reports regularly with stakeholders. 

The district and school teams:

  • Meet regularly (i.e., monthly for schools, quarterly for districts) to evaluate RTI²-B implementation and behavior data

  • Use student outcome data to inform school and district decisions and to drive continuous improvement to ensure that Tier I instruction and practices are meeting the needs of 80-85% of students

When planning at the district or school level, always consider, “What district and/or school goal do we hope to achieve this year through RTI²-B? What student data can we use to better understand this goal? What is important for our school? What questions will these data help us answer? How will we access/organize this data? When will these data be collected? What is the best way to track the data? When will our team meet to analyze these data? What problems do we anticipate having in collecting and analyzing these data?