July Monthly Spotlight: FACE Team at East Elementary School!

The Family and Community Engagement Team at East Elementary in Humboldt, TN is hard at work planning for the 2019-2020 school year. You will not believe all that they have already accomplished!

To begin, their Open House (registration night) will be structured like a community fair. All of the classrooms will be open for family members to view and visit with teachers. In the cafeteria, there will be tables set up featuring different community partners, including several non-profit and educational agencies, a local pediatric clinic, a local mental health agency, and local businesses. They will also have a photo booth set up for family and community members to take photos with a small dry erase board where they can write why they love HCS (Humboldt County Schools). These photos will be used during the school’s RTI2-B Kickoff Week, which will be IHeartHCS week!

Their plans for their RTI2-B Kickoff are equally impressive. Throughout the week, students will engage in Olympic-style challenges to practice their RTI2-B expectations. The team has a social media campaign planned for each day of the week, where they will share pictures of students, family members, and community members. If you don’t follow East Elementary on Facebook yet, do so HERE to follow them throughout their kickoff week!

Check out the photos from the last FACE team meeting. This meeting included a walkthrough of the school, including the clothing closet and sensory room that this team’s efforts has built. Misty Lewis’s, school counselor and the FACE team lead, goal is that families and community members are familiar and feel welcome in the school.

Finally, the team’s School Supply Drive led by Helping Hand (local nonprofit) caught the attention of the local newspaper. The secretary of Helping Hand is an active member of the FACE team at EES.

East Elementary FACE Team

East Elementary FACE Team

This team is able to do such great work because of all the various community members that are included. Check out this list of team members:

•School Counselor-Tier 3 Representative/Certified Trauma Practitioner-Education
•Principal-Tier 3 Representative/14 year HCS Employee
•Instructional Coach-Previous Parent Involvement Team/HHS Graduate
•6th Grade Teacher/Student Principal’s Club Chair
•5th Grade Teacher/Tier 1 Representative
•Cafeteria Staff/Bus Monitor
•Cafeteria Staff/Parent of 2nd grader, 9th Grader, recent High School Graduate
•Parent of 4th/5th graders/Member of local manufacturing facility staff (team to help support community needs)
•Non-profit Secretary/Local Business Owner/HHS Graduate
•Parents of 2nd Grader/District Office Staff (pupil services)/Local Business owners/etc.
•Police Chief
•Health Connect America Staff/HHS Graduate/Parent of High School Student
•Bus Driver/Previous Teacher/Lifelong Humboldt Resident/HHS Graduate

If you have questions about how to build family and community engagement at your school, email our FACE Consultant, Shelby Cook at sbnkley@memphis.edu . You can learn more about Family and Community Engagement Leadership HERE , and check out our online FACE resources HERE.

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