March Monthly Spotlight: Ross Elementary!

Thank you, Ross Elementary, for sharing your story with us! We are excited about the work you are doing! Learn more about how to share your story and be featured in a monthly spotlight HERE.

Ross Elementary’s flyer for the Teacher of the Month program.

Ross Elementary’s flyer for the Teacher of the Month program.

Check out this great idea to acknowledge teachers from Ross Elementary School! Each month, one teacher is recognized for excellent work across a variety of content areas, including consistently modeling their school-wide expectations of the 3 Rs (Respect, Responsibility, Ready). Just like our students, teachers love to be recognized for their hard work. In training, we talk about how important staff behavior change is in RTI2-B. If we have expectations for our students, we must model those expectations for them! Moreover, if administrators want teachers recognize students for good behavior, they can practice what they preach by recognizing good teacher behavior! You’ve heard us say it 100 times—administrative support is key to transform school climate!

At Ross Elementary, the Teacher of the Month enjoys a their very own parking spot, a certificate from administration, their photo on a bulletin board, acknowledgement on morning and afternoon announcements, a recognition banner above their classroom door, a gift basket, and they get to pull something out of an incentive grab bag. What an amazing list of rewards! Check out the photos of some of these great reinforcers below!

Great work, Ross Elementary! We are proud of the work that you are doing in creating a positive school climate for everyone in the building!