February Monthly Spotlight: Lauderdale County!

With any PBIS program, it can be difficult to get buy-in from your staff. Lauderdale County is experiencing great success with their RTI2/B staff reinforcement program. Below, we have included testimonials from Ripley High School and Halls High School.

“Each student was given 1 ROAR ticket. During the week, they had to catch a teacher exhibiting one of the ROAR traits (Responsibility, Optimism, Accountability, Respect). They had to circle the trait and write on the back specifically what the teacher had done to show that trait. Tickets were counted up by grade to find the teacher who received the most tickets in that grade level. The actions were read over the PA system and the 4 winning teachers were given the option to take an early out during the last block of the day or lunch off campus… Most students focused on optimism and respect. They reported teachers who always greeted them with a friendly greeting. Teachers who help them when they don’t understand. Teachers who care. I felt this was probably because those are the traits they crave the most from adults.”

-Stacey Horn, Ripley High

“We began our RTI2/B program with the thought that teachers should be receiving cards as well.  So, we do giveaways/drawings for the teachers first and then we do drawings for the students each nine weeks. The tickets are separated into two different pots each time. You might not be able to tell from the picture below, but one of our teacher winners is standing in the middle back row.  Mr. Pike received a ticket from a student and was drawn for the ‘Wear Jeans for a Week’ prize.  Ms. Joni Ketchum was not in the picture, but her name was drawn for the ‘Leave Campus and Eat Lunch with a Buddy’ prize.  Teachers are always fighting for that one!! We have also had students turn in tickets for bus drivers as well.  So far, they haven’t been drawn for a prize, but if we draw their name, we will come up with something creative to give them that doesn’t cost very much.  It’s fun and the students enjoy having the ability to praise someone when they do something nice.  We all deserve it!!!!”

-Shellie Smith, Halls High

Way to go, Lauderdale County!