November Monthly Spotlight-Lakeland Middle Preparatory School!

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Lakeland Middle Preparatory School’s LIONS recently celebrated our students’ Quarter 1 behavior by hosting our 1st “Mane Money” Rewards Store. Students earn “Mane Money” for following our R.O.A.R. expectations (Responsible, Outstanding, Accountable, and Respectful). They are able to spend their “Mane Money” on glow sticks, sunglasses, tattoos, vampire teeth, fidget spinners, bouncy balls, Frisbees, and more. Students also earned “Peace Days” for their R.O.A.R. behavior and got to wear silly socks or hats all day.


Regional Coaches Meeting Fall 2018

One of the perks of being a RTI2-B Coach is getting to attend the regional coaches meeting twice per year! These meetings are a great time for networking and celebrating the hard work of our teams. This year, our site consultant Hether Pflasterer organized a fantastic share fair, where our Models of Demonstration schools set up informational booths about the RTI2-B programs at their schools. Coaches had the opportunity to learn tips and tricks from each other in this interactive format. Shelby Cook, another one of our consultants, also had a booth to talk with folks about signing up for Family and Community Engagement training. Check out the photos below!

Special thanks to our MOD schools for helping to make this event a success! The leadership that you provide to our region is paramount.

To learn more about Models of Demonstration, click here.

To learn more about Family and Community Engagement training, email

October Monthly Spotlight-Family and Community Engagement in Humboldt City Schools!

Humboldt City Schools recently finished our first Family and Community Engagement in RTI2-B Training! They are off to a great start with plans to engage stakeholders in new and exciting ways. Check out these photos from our training and the flyer below for one of their first events!

For more information about Family and Community Engagement (FACE) in RTI2-B, click here or email Shelby Cook at We are currently recruiting schools for spring FACE trainings.

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West TN Special Education Conference

We were honored to sponsor the keynote speakers at the West TN SPED Conference this year. All three speakers, Dr. George Sugai, Dr. Erica McCray, and Dr. Dia Jackson were phenomenal! Check out our photos below.

September Monthly Spotlight-Lakeland Elementary School!

We want to give a huge shoutout to Lakeland Elementary for sharing this story with us! We are proud of the great work happening at LES. Learn more about how to share your story and be featured at

Lakeland Elementary started the school year out with a bang as we had a kickoff party for our ROAR (Responsible, Outstanding, Accountable, and Respectful) program. The Lakeland Elementary cheerleaders got everyone pumped by greeting students as they came into the gym. All of our students participated in an assembly that included cheers, a review of expectations, and 'how to' videos of great ROAR behavior in the cafeteria, hallway, and bathroom. Our assistant principal, Mrs. Sharonda Rose, put together a great program along with our ROAR team.

August Monthly Spotlight-Lauderdale Co. Schools!

Lauderdale County Schools is going above and beyond in their implementation of RTI2-Behavior. We love their creative idea to use a weekly behavior focus which are then tied to words of the day. What a great way to encourage a strong vocabulary and variety of healthy social-emotional skills! Great work, LCS! 

Check out their recent tweet:

LCS also has great RTI2-B resources on their website for stakeholders to view at: 

LCS ROAR _Page_1.jpg

East Elementary RTI2-B Kickoff!

WTBSP team members had the pleasure of attending East Elementary's RTI2-B kickoff for students last week. The event featured a game show (with Steve Harvey's second cousin hosting), and students got to pie teachers in the face at the end! The students were thrilled, and a great time was had by all. Tell us in the comments about your RTI2-B Kickoff, or submit your story for a Monthly Spotlight here. We would love to feature your school!

July Monthly Spotlight-Our First FACE Cohort

We are excited to announce that we will have all of Humboldt City Schools participating in our first ever Family and Engagement Team training in August!  These schools are doing fantastic work in their implementation of RTI2-B, so we are thrilled to see how they will be even more successful by engaging families and communities in their RTI2-B work. 

June Monthly Spotlight-Bartlett City Schools!

Bartlett City Schools are doing an excellent job using data to inform decision-making at the school and district levels. Check out their strategy below!

Bartlett City Schools 20-Day Period School Discipline Data Process:

Every 20-day period, at the district level, discipline data is reviewed for all schools. The information is shared through charts and graphs with district level staff, and principals. Below is how the information is disseminated:

District Level data:

  1. Overall numbers of exclusionary consequences for all schools for the 20-day period is shared with the superintendent and directors. This data includes numbers of:
    • In-School Suspension
    • Out-Of-School Suspensions
    • Expulsions
  2. Period comparison of exclusionary consequence from the 1st 20-day period to the current 20-day period.
  3. Exclusionary consequence comparison of all schools (Elementary, Middle and High School)
  4. Exclusionary consequence comparison of Elementary school and Middle schools.

School Level Data: All principals receive the following:

  • A data sheet showing how many exclusionary consequences (ISS, OSS & Expulsions) were entered by each administrator at the school for the 20-day period.
  • Overall numbers of exclusionary consequences for all schools for the 20-day period.
  • Period comparison of exclusionary consequence from the 1st 20-day period to the
  • current 20-day period for all schools.
  • Exclusionary consequence by ethnicity.

School Action: Schools could use the data to do the following:

  • Drill down to specific students and incidents.
  • Drill down to grade level and teacher.
  • Find area of school where incidents frequently occur.
  • Implement appropriate interventions and supports to address behaviors.

TBSP Toolbox 2018

Educators from across TN enjoyed Dr. William Hunter's presentation, "Culturally Relevant Classroom Management Practices". We enjoy equipping educators with the skills they need for a positive and culturally responsive classroom environment. To access the materials from this presentation, click here

May Monthly Spotlight-Fifth Consolidated!

Fifth Consolidated is providing unique opportunities for students as rewards for good behavior. Check out their story below! We love your creativity, Fifth Consolidated!

"One of the most popular rewards students of all ages at Fifth Consolidated can buy at our school store, Tribe-Mart, is to be Assistant Principal. Each student will spend a thirty minute session as assistant principal. The student will function with various duties including checking on classrooms, communicating with the secretary, monitoring the hallway, and using the walkie-talkie.

Another choice in high demand is to eat lunch with one of the principals. Pictured is a group of fifth graders that spent points to eat lunch at our local Chick-Fil-A with Assistant Principal Joey Harrison.


Reward parties each nine weeks have also been well received among the students. Most recently, our Neon Dance Party was a big hit! Students danced the afternoon away thanks to their "glowing" behavior."

Tier 2 Training - Lakeland Schools

Patricia Outten, Site Consultant for the WTBSP, conducted a Tier 2 Training for Lakeland Schools on May 30, 2018. Lakeland Schools is one of the six schools/districts we have trained in Tier 2, with the others being Decatur County, Hardeman County, Lauderdale County, Humboldt City Schools, and Trenton Rosenwald Middle School (Trenton SSD). We are always excited to see more teams trained in Tier 2, and this is no exception! 

Northeast PBIS Leadership Forum

Our team had the pleasure of presenting a poster at the 2018 Northeast PBIS Leadership Forum in Mystic, CT. Our poster was titled, "The Foundation of PBIS Sustainability: Leadership at Every Level" and detailed the importance of district and school leadership for the sustainability of PBIS programs. Our team enjoyed networking with our colleagues in New England!

April Monthly Spotlight-Power Center Academy Elementary!

The West TBSP team is excited about how PCA Elementary is engaging families in their RTI2-B program! Check out their story below:

Mrs. Rogers (left) and Mrs. Jones (right)

Mrs. Rogers (left) and Mrs. Jones (right)

"Starting in 2015, Power Center Academy Elementary School is continuously growing and currently serves over 500 K-3 graders. Realizing the impact of acknowledging the good choices and behaviors of our scholars through lots of positive narration and Squire Bucks (token economy) for exhbiting positive behaviors, we reached out to our Parent Action Committee to gain support from our families for components of our PBIS program. We realized the need for their support in order to make all components of our PBIS program sustainable. 

Our parents kindly support teachers with their classroom requests and are fully on board as they give freely to our scholars! Parental support ensures that Power Center Academy Elementary School is able to provide over 10,000 items for scholars to enjoy when they spend their Squire Bucks in the Mega-Squire Store and this helps to reinforce the building of intrinsic motivation in our scholars to make positive choices. Moreover, our parents help us to keep alive the old adage, "it takes a village" as their support goes along way in ensuring all scholars celebrated! Pictured here is Mrs. Rogers, PAC President 2017-2018 and one of our most active parents, Mrs. Jones, parent of Jerry Jones- 3rd grader. Mrs. Jones regularly shops for our scholars, and brings trunk loads of gifts. Mrs. Jones sets up the Mega-Squire Store, is always dependable and selfless in giving her time to PCAES' PBIS programs! We salute all of our parents and extend a super special shout out to Mrs. Rogers and Mrs. Jones!"

Spring 2018 District Coaches Meeting

We are thrilled to serve so many schools with district support because we know this is vital to long-term sustainability. Providing technical assistance to our district coaches is one of the many ways that we continue to support our districts regularly!